Valley Suzuki Violin is a private Suzuki violin studio located in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Lindsay Durant, MM, Valley Suzuki Violin opened its doors in June of 2004 and offers weekly private violin lessons as well as biweekly group lessons for each student. Firmly rooted in the tenets of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, Valley Suzuki Violin believes in fostering a warm, encouraging environment where each and every child can learn to play. Mrs. Durant is currently accepting interviews with families eager to learn violin using the Suzuki method.


Lindsay Durant, a registered violin teacher in books one through ten, holds a Masters degree in violin performance with an emphasis in Suzuki pedagogy from Northern Arizona University and a Bachelors degree in violin performance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Mrs. Durant has studied with Dr. William Starr, who was one of the first teachers to bring the Suzuki method to the United States, and Dr. Louise Scott, among others. As well as winning a full tuition scholarship to the University of Colorado, Mrs. Durant received a graduate assistant position at Northern Arizona University and was the recipient of the James Maurer scholarship for Suzuki long-term teacher training. While attending Northern Arizona University, she taught Suzuki violin lessons for twenty hours a week, ten of which were devoted to teaching groups of kindergartners, first, and second-graders at Marshall Elementary School in Flagstaff. She also served as the concertmaster for the university’s orchestra and chamber orchestra. After receiving her graduate degree in 2004, Lindsay Durant established her own studio, Valley Suzuki Violin, in Scottsdale, Arizona. In April of 2010, she moved her studio to Portland, Oregon. She is dedicated to helping all children attain musical ability through the Suzuki method in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

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“Not only is Lindsay an amazingly talented violinist herself, having learned from the famous William Starr, but she is also a highly effective teacher. Realize that that combo is not a given. Simply being a great player does not guarantee being a successful teacher. With Lindsay, you get both! Five of my children have been students of Lindsay for nearly five years. She finds a way to teach each one on a level that works for them. Using creativity, enthusiasm, and diligence, she propels each one to an impressively high-level of performance. Among my brood, there seems to be one of every possible personality-type and learning style (and challenge); Lindsay adapts to each one as required; her style is responsive and dynamic. I highly recommend Lindsay Durant to anyone wanting to engage the best of Suzuki violin teachers for their child’s violin instruction.”

Cheryl C.

“My daughter has taken lessons from Ms. Lindsay for the past five years. It has been amazing to watch her progress so quickly through the suzuki method. When she first started, she was just learning how to play the rhythms before twinkle twinkle little star; she is now playing advanced concertos and truly loves her violin. I am impressed with how the suzuki method builds on skills and allows for quick progression. Ms. Lindsay is very patient and creative in her teaching methods. She incorporates various ideas for practicing that encourages the children and the parents to develop a true love for the violin. These methods help students and parents avoid frustration and burn-out while motivating dedication and enjoyment in practicing.”

Jodi G.

Mrs. Durant is currently accepting interviews with families eager to learn violin using the Suzuki method. For more information, please contact us.

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